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My god, man

This was probably the most amusing game I've played in a long time. I love games that give me a laugh, and yours has done just that. I enjoyed playing this game a lot. I hope you make more, because this was awesome!


This was an amazing flash. The way you animated this was so well done and smooth. And the effects for each attempt to open the box were amazing (the absolute zero part, especially). You have a lot of talent, and I encourage you to make more. Keep it up!


I love this series. It is one of my favorites on Newgrounds. This one just happend to be my favorite in the series. It has some funny jokes and the storyline is excellent. Keep up the good work, Edd!

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I'd say it's a good idea, but there are two things that really annoy me.

1. It's a little bit of an eyesore, maybe update the graphics some.
2. in the code, its "gotoAndPlay" not "gotoandplay", the "And" and "Play" are capitalized.

If you improve those things and maybe add a little more tutorials other than the button, it should be a much better tutorial.

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haloplaya1 responds:

I didnt have to capitalize and they worked :P

Alright, man

You listened to me, but still, you have to edit it, and when you press the tab button, it should take you to the fail menu. I'd also suggest graphics updates. I know, I'm being critical, but this is how I help ya, buddy.


This is awesome. It is definitely very addicting, evn though i can't get past Stamper and Jeff. It was still a great game and concept. I love the idea of having newgrounds users be the enemies. Keep up the good work, Luis and BoM

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Truly one of the best tracks on Newgrounds! Nice tune, great rythym and one of those songs that gets stuck in your head easily (in a good way). Thsi is going on my favorite audio! Nice work!

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Best SMB theme I could find on the internet (go figure). Bad news is, it won't let me put it in my flash =(

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You're style...

is amazing! I love the creepiness and... texture off all your characters. It's very unique. I can't wait 'til more!

If you're seriously gonna color this, good luck.

UnderARock responds:

Appreciate it :)

Blurb is a funny word

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